The Beverly bloodline began in a small village in Tensas Parrish called Waterproof.  Located in the Northeastern region of Lousiana, Waterproof at the 2000 census estimated a population of 834. Howerver, by the 2010 census, the population began to decline . Majority of the residents are classified as African American with 24 percent of the residents over age 60 years.

​The village got its name because of its safety from flooding of the Mississippi River. The town for years has been dependent on farming, reportedly growing at one time cotton, corn, and soy beans.

​Nathaniel Beverly (1879?-1960) was born approximately in 1879  in New Orleans, LA to Sallie Lee Howard (1843 or 1845?) and Andrew Beverly, Sr (1840-1914?).

Nathaniel was the father of a total of 23 children and began his life with Maggie Lean Beverly in Lousiana in the early 1900's . He was a farmer and cotton picker and did other odd jobs to support his family, she a homemaker and together they were the parents of 18 children, 6 of whom passed as babies and 12 continued the bloodline. Nathaniel fathered outside children who grew up the family, two daughters; Viola Beverly Evans and Lucille Beverly Large (they are the eldest).

​From this line were born:
Patsy Beverly Shaw Tinson 
Elenora Beverly 
James Beverly
Ben Beverly
Mary Scott Beverly
Susie Beverly
Earnest Beverly
​Mildred Beverly Ellis
Maggie Beverly
Lizzie Ella Beverly Powell
Nathaniel Beverly, Jr
​Annie Rose Beverly Self

And the legacy continues...